Closing Digital and Gender STEAM Gaps: Full Steam Ahead

GECFutures Project: STEAM. Here Nic writes for ViewSonic Education about STEAM in the UK and interviews the Queen of STEAM, Jade Parkinson-Hill, Founder of the Steam School and STEAM Leader for the GEC Futures Project to see what we can all do to help close both gender and digital gaps in STEM.

“The summer UK A Level results illustrated that gender equality are having a huge impact on the digital skills gaps. Of all of the exam subjects. Computing saw the biggest popularity jump in entrants, rising by 23.9% since last year. However, a staggering 88% of all students were male – meaning only 12% of Computing students were female. Not only does this illustrate the issue with STEM recruitment in schools, but it bodes poorly for the UK’s future digital workforce.”

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Nicole PonsfordComment