Gender Equality Charter-2.png

It all started when...

One of our signatory businesses used some of their volunteering hours to trial a 6 week gender equality project in a school.

The purpose of which was to raise awareness of all the roles in Technology and that it really is “a place for everyone” no matter your strengths or demographic. On week 1 they asked a class of 25 10 year olds, “Who wants to work in Tech?” and the response was 5 hands, all boys.

By week 6 every single hand was up in the air – but not just that. The students had had their eyes opened to something – there were hugs, tears and promises like “I can’t wait to be 18 so I can be a Business Analyst!”.

That was the result of around 100 person hours of work. Imagine that at scale.

We feel that evidence and research is a key part of the Charter and are currently working with others in the field. If this is something that appeals to you , please get in touch.