Smashingstereotypes: the voice for children and young people


Is now open!

The GEC is all about practical ways we can work together to SMASH STEREOTYPES.

After a year of doing this, we realised something was missing.

Something important.

The whole reason we are on this super social mission.

The voice of the kids.

SO - we have got practical and

#SMASHINGSTEREOTYPES is our way of hearing what children and young people want to tell us, show us and explain why everyone - in schools and homes and businesses SHOULD be SmashingStereotypes.

We launched on the 1st September 2019 with a UK national competition. Children and young people (parents and teachers) can send in their photos, videos, podcasts, posters, poems, stories, websites, blogs, games, constructions, pictures ANYTHING to show us what they are doing, learning or want others to do when it comes to #SMASHINGSTEREOTYPES.

Deadline is 1st December 2019.

Prizes to be announced.

Please ensure you have permissions in advance as we will be posting these online. See the website for more information.

We cannot wait to hear and see what you show us!