Signing the Gender Equality Charter is more of a commitment to your customers and staff than it is to us.

We’d love for you to begin using our self assessment tools and working towards achieving gender equality right away, but we’re not going to force you to do anything. All the commitments you make on the Charter are things we would like to see happen, but they are all optional. You decide your own approach to achieving gender equality and the timescale in which you wish to do it. We will provide you tools, materials, information and a network of other businesses, schools, parents and individuals with whom you can share and receive tips, a whole host of information, case studies, lesson plans, materials and feedback.

We’d like to ask you to display your GEC certificate with pride in your office and on your website, but again, this is optional.

We’d also like you to share data with us. We’d like to get to a point where we are able to publish reports on how we (the UK) are doing on achieving gender equality and for that to happen, we need data. We’d like to collect data in the form of surveys, votes/polls and/or questionnaires. These will all be optional and we will contact you to ask if you would like to participate, and at that point you will either opt in, or decline to take part. All data will be centralised and anonymised which means that no one will ever be able to attribute any data to you or your school. Please read our privacy policy for more on data protection.


All Charter Signatories qualify for the GEC Badge “Committed to Achieving Gender Equality” which you can display on your website and printed materials as well as in the form of a certificate to print out and display in your office.

Gender Equality is becoming a big deal these days. Customers, staff and other businesses are paying more attention to the issue and we expect this to increase in the future. We think that being openly committed to achieving Gender Equality will act very much in your favour when thinking about attracting new customers and staff.

We would like to publish a directory of businesses that are GEC signatories. We’d like The GEC to be a place customers and businesses refer to when deciding on which companies to do business with.

We’re not going to keep quiet. We will be shouting from the rooftops (maybe literally) until we achieve gender equality and we’d love for you to be able to benefit from any publicity, following or attention that brings us. We’d like you to be as involved as possible in The GEC’s future, if you have ideas or material to contribute, we’d love to have it. We’d also love for you to help us by sharing us and being proud of your association with us and encouraging other businesses in your network to sign up.

We’d love to shout about you, if you share case studies, articles, comments, quotes or opinions with us, we’ll always try to publish them either online or on Social Media. If you sell gender equal products, books or services, we would love to feature them and tell our followers about you.


Sign the Charter if you are an institution that believes that gender stereotypes are damaging, to everyone, and it’s time to get rid of them.

Sign the Charter if you are an institution that wants to help a generation of boys grow up to be able to feel and express emotions, to talk about their problems, to be able show vulnerability and to know that they are worthy, valuable, capable and important.

Sign the Charter if you are an institution that wants to help boys understand what it means to be a man today, to help boys understand that being a man is something to be celebrated, to be proud of and to be looked forward to.

Sign the Charter if you are an institution that cares about the damaging effects that gender stereotypes have on the mental health of both sexes.

Sign the Charter if you are an institution that is tired of seeing girls and women being marginalised in every area of the media, if you’re a school that is tired of explaining to students why they see brilliant women reduced to nothing more than an outfit and how well she wore it by the media.

Sign the Charter if you are an institution that has had enough of books, TV shows and films with leading male characters and female characters who are absent, mute, weak or need saving.

Sign the charter if you are an institution that is tired of seeing women and girls constantly caricatured as devious, manipulative and incongruent. If you’re tired of seeing females demeaned, dissected, airbrushed, vilified, made to feel imperfect and repeatedly portrayed as saboteurs of other women.

Sign the charter if you are an institution who would like to see children deciding which toys male and female children should play with and with whom, not toy companies. If you’d like to see children deciding what they are or will become and not having it decided for them by their clothing.

Sign the charter if you are an institution that believes that we should bring up all children to believe in their self worth, with the confidence and self esteem to believe they can achieve whatever they work hard at.

This is the pursuit of gender equality. This is what we stand for.

Do you?