The platform

THE GEC is about taking action. Plenty of people know there needs to be a change and our aim has always been to tell you specifically how you can make change happen in your home, school or business. We wanted to create something everyone can begin acting on straight away. There are hundreds of complex factors which have contributed to the gender imbalance we see today. Like many people, we felt confused and overwhelmed thinking about how to begin to tackle the issues contributing to gender imbalance.

Our first task was to break the issues down. We split them first into the main problems caused by gender imbalance and then we split each problem down into contributing factors and these we explored in detail, breaking them down further into sub topics. We then applied them to homes, schools and businesses in the format of “what equality looks like” and worked backwards from that to create self assessment questionnaires for Homes, Schools and Businesses. We then worked backwards again to create stakeholder (employee, student and parent) questionnaires. These allow organisations to get a view of a) how effectively each of the initiatives are embedded within the organisation and how well they are working and b) how important each initiative is to stakeholders. We then munch the data and present your results back to you in a prioritised list containing your top 3 initiatives to focus on as well as all the other initiatives in priority order and signposts to a wealth of information, case studies, research, articles and videos on how you might approach the initiatives and why they are important.

Our self assessment platform is ready in pilot form and we would love for you to be a pilot group member and give it a try. Please get in touch if you are ready to take the Pilot Self Assessment.

We are raising funds to complete our platform, please get in touch if you would like to help with funding this project.