The GEC Mission

A platform to make gender equality accessible to all

& a Community of Change to end gender imbalance


our mission

Imagine if everyone had the ability to reach their full potential during their lifetime - the effect would be mind blowing.

But not everyone gets to realise just how awesome they can be and this is due to some unarguable and ugly truths - one of which is gender imbalance. 

By removing the preconceptions and stigmas attached to gender stereotyping -  the very real limitations that are put upon girls & boys, men & women every day - we will free people to achieve their very best version of themselves, unlocking immeasurable value.

But we can’t do it on our own. We need your help in our homes, schools and businesses.

Everyone has the right to live a rich and full life unlocking their fullest potential in their own way, and by doing this we will truly make the world a better place.

And this starts today when you join the GEC.  

The GEC - Schools | homes | businesses

Action starts with achieving gender equality in schools. In signing the Gender Equality Charter, and working towards being awarded a badge of equality, schools are making a visible and public commitment to working towards equality in their institution. Parents know that their child will be treated equally in everything from the language teachers use,  the activities and sports the students are allowed (and encouraged) to participate in,  the clothing and hairstyles they are allowed to wear to  the education on gender and equality that will be provided. All the resources, examples, best practices, data and learning can be centralised in the GEC Community of Change and used to celebrate a more gender equal and inclusive education system in the UK.

Parents can commit to becoming a gender equal home. In return for signing the charter families will be drawn into the GEC Community of Change and receive access to learning, resources and even events to help them succeed in meeting their commitment. Parents and schools can work together to really embed equality, to share what’s worked and to become examples. Just this home and school commitment partnership would make an enormous difference by itself.

Extending the charter out to businesses completes the circle. Businesses committing to become equal from the removal of gendering in language to bias removal in recruitment, education programs for staff and an equal approach to the responsibilities of parental leave and flexibility are just a few of the small changes that could, when added together across businesses change the world we live and work in.

GEC businesses focus their volunteering power towards GEC schools. That’s millions of professional volunteering hours. This, coupled with their shared mindset and common goal, could do wonders to bridge the gap between education and the workplace.

Gender Equal businesses .jpg
There will be no gender gap, no gender imbalance, all will be equal. We will have obliterated the need for 'gender'.

There are so many disparate groups doing amazing in-depth work on different pieces of this vast problem. If we collected all of our brain power, networks and resources, we know we would solve it.

Together we can change the world. 

If you believe in this – and want to be part of the solution - then sign the charter and let's make it happen. 

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