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Gender Imbalance is everyone’s issue. We have a wealth of inspirational resources to get you in the mood to make change happen, have a look around, get inspired and don’t forget to act by signing The Charter and joining our Community of Change to discuss and debate the latest topics. Check out GEC Best Books 2019 for Gender Equal Bookshelves everywhere.

Welcome to The GEC, we’re so glad to have you here! We’d love you to start by watching our short introductory video.


The GEC was founded by Cat and Nic, two females in Tech who both happen to be mums of three. You can read our stories here.


THE GEC is about taking action. Plenty of people know there needs to be a change and our aim is to tell you how you can make change happen. We wanted to create something for everyone to begin acting on straight away. There are hundreds of complex factors which have contributed to the gender imbalance we see today. Like many people, we felt confused and overwhelmed thinking about how to take action to begin to tackle the issues contributing to gender imbalance, so our first task was to break the issues down. We split them first into the main problems caused by gender imbalance and then we split each problem down into contributing factors and these we explored in detail, breaking them down further into sub topics. We then applied them to homes, schools and businesses and divided all the information we’d gathered into three areas: Educate | Debate | Act, and then down again into bite sized actions that everyone can take immediately: Read | Watch | Listen | Discuss | Vote | Do | Comment | Share.


The GEC is about Collaboration. We don’t have all the answers; sometimes there is no single answer and there is never going to be a set of “rules” for everyone to follow. We believe that solving the problem of gender imbalance is only going to happen through collaboration, discussion and debate. That’s why we created our Community of Change, which is open to everyone who believes in ending gender stereotypes and achieving gender equality.

Equality is personal. Everyone’s situation is different and we’ll never tell you what to think or how to act. Our aim is to provide you with all the information you need to enable you to form your own opinion on each topic, and then decide how you are going to act on it.

The GEC is a Charter. We wanted to create an action that everyone can take straight away. We all sign up to the charter as equals, and commit to working towards our common goal of Gender Equality together. Your own situation is personal to you and you will create your own individual strategy for making changes, on your own timescale. The Gender Equality Charter is a commitment by signatories to work together to achieve gender equality.