GEC Resources


We are busy compiling a wealth of resources to offer to all our signatories. If you would like to contribute a resource, please get in touch.


Gender Equal Marketing & Communication.

A company which truly values gender equality will make sure it runs through everything they do, everything they sell and everything they say.

Any communication that a company puts into the public domain, tells potential customers and employees something about who you are as a business. We have outlined ten steps that can be applied to any and all messages your company makes public no matter how small. Whether recruiting to fill job roles, advertising your products, curating your social media presence, or raising awareness of your brand, if you believe in gender equality then it should be in everything you do.


How to Recruit and Retain Women

The question of how to recruit and retain women has never been more relevant. In 2018 over 10,000 of the UK’s largest companies published their first gender pay gap snapshots. One result, amongst many, is that many employers have upped their efforts to recruit and retain more women, especially at senior levels and thus reduce their gender pay gap.

We have brought together the best advice into ten steps you can take to recruit and retain more women. You’ll find links to the most relevant articles, research and tools you’ll need to help you take action.

How to avoid gendered language at work

Many employers have upped their efforts to close gender gaps at work, but something as simple as gendered language could be slowing progress and even setting your company back paces.

We’ve pulled a wealth of resources together into ten steps to gender neutralise language at work.

How to Design a GEC Curriculum

We know that gender bias impacts on students the minute they start their education - until when they leave for employment.

This curriculum design guide will support equity and equality in your school - written by our education experts, including school headteachers and teachers.